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Welcome to the Varms. We are a family business for many years engaged in the import and distribution of knives for hunters and survival enthusiast and all those who appreciate the time spent in nature.

After long observation, gathering experience and valuable feedback from our customers, we decided to launch our own Polish knives brand . What led to our decision were the numerous voices of customers who seek unconventional knives with good quality materials, and where the price is not overwhelming.

Healthy proportion of price and quality are the primary determinant of our business. You can find a wide selection of knives, rich style of different materials, which do not pay for it as a custom made knife. How is it possible?

Although we want to constantly enrich our offer with new models, our knives are not a single pieces made to order from start to finish by one person. All the knives are made in series. We acquire material for the production of bulk and use of professional technology, which significantly reduces production costs. A piece of exotic wood can be very expensive or very cheap – it all depends on the size of the contract, the same is with steel, its treatment, etc.

In addition, buying from us you are buying directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees an attractive price final, as there are no additional cost of intermediaries,  wholesalers, retailers…which is usually the hundred percent of the final price.

Our knives design is based on observations and lessons learned. Therefore, we try to make knives ergonomic, “possibly comfortable to use,” not forgetting the aesthetic.

Do not kid yourself – the knife has to be enjoyed !

To sum up – in our business we try to combine the three advantages most desired by the user : quality – the lowest possible price – and aesthetics.


Enjoy our knives !